About us

Organisation of Business and Industrial Engineering Students

OBIS is the official student organization for MTEC (Management, Technology and Economics) students at ETH Zurich. It organises events and excursions for students, and provides study support and representation at the MTEC Department at ETH.

OBIS is part of the Association of Students at ETH Zurich (VSETH), which is the umbrella organisation for all student organisations at ETH Zurich representing the more than 20,000 students to the university as a whole and, like OBIS, is omnipresent in student life outside the lecture halls.

The Board

Dominik Demetz

President president ät

Roshan Mishra

VP & Treasurer treasurer ät

Paul Beaudonnet

External Relations externals ät

Jessye Nana Davies

External Relations externals ät

Palash Bagdy

Event Manager events ät

Georgios Gkolemis

Event Manager events ät

Jesvy Kalapurayil

Event Manager events ät

Lara Höhn

Partner Relations partners ät

Umberto Procchio

Internal Relations internals ät

Cedric Gmür

Academic Politics hopo ät

Erik Giorgis

IT Services itservices ät

Jia Si

Marketing marketing ät